Oxford Oak Camping

Family Camping in the

Vale of the White Horse

We like to run our site with a minimum amount of fuss and strongly believe that a long list of rules and restrictions is unnecessary on a family oriented campsite where common sense and respect for us and your fellow campers should be all you need to make the most of your stay. We do however have a few specific rules laid out below to ensure that everyone is aware of the essentials before booking their stay.


  • All of our pitches are marked out using simple wooden stakes to identify the boundaries.
  • In most cases we don't reserve specific pitches when you make your booking, just find one that isn't occupied and pitch your tent. The only exceptions are for very large tents in which case, you may see a reserved sign on a seemingly unoccupied pitch - please don't remove these signs if you see them, there will be space elsewhere on the site for you.
  • If you require extra space for very large tents (10 man +) or gazebos please let us know when you make your booking.


  • Camp fires are ONLY permitted in the designated fire pits (or off ground portable fire pits). Fire pits cannot be reserved and are there for everyone's enjoyment and to encourage individuals and groups to get together and enter into the spirit of camping. If you want to absolutely guarantee access to your own fire, you might want to bring a portable fire pit, see below.
  • BBQs, Chimneas and any other portable cookers or fire pits can be used on the site but they MUST be raised off the grass on heat proof supports (ideally on their own legs or supports but for disposable BBQ trays you may need to get creative as we won't necessarily have a supply of bricks or blocks that you can borrow.
  • Only responsibly sourced fuel can be burnt on the fire pits. You can buy wood from the farm or, within reason, bring your own fuel - please, not old wardrobes or petrol.
  • Out of season, the campsite is grazed by the livestock belonging to Farmer Gow's so any grass damage is potentially very costly. It also ruins the area for the campers who use the site after you. If you are discovered damaging the grass, you will be asked to leave. No excuses.


  • Feel free to bring along radios, stereos or musical instruments (No amplifiers or generators) but please respect others on the site and keep volumes down to a respectful level so as not to disturb your neighbours.
  • For the sake of all campers we would ask everyone to observe a "good night's sleep" limit on noise levels and must therefore ask that you reduce all noise volumes to an absolute minimum by 10PM and for all music to be off by 11PM. Please bear in mind that there are often youngsters asleep well before this time as well.


We are easy going with regards to dogs - we're dog lovers ourselves so we understand that you want to bring your pet with you on camping trips - but we do have some general rules for the sake of all campers:

  • You must have a well-behaved dog. This doesn't mean well-behaved when you're there watching it's every move, but well-behaved at all times. If your dog spends it's time barking constantly, behaves aggressively towards other people and animals or is generally a pain in the butt, we'd rather you didn't bring them along and made alternative arrangements for their care.
  • You are responsible for your dog at all times on the campsite. No exceptions. This includes all of the above as well as the usual pick-up-the-poop rule, keeping them on leads when you can't supervise them closely and all the usual things that go with being a responsible dog owner.


  • We would prefer if all cars could be parked in the car park immediately before the entrance to the site but if you must park nearer to your temporary home, we must restrict on-site parking to one vehicle per pitch, it keeps the site clear and helps reduce damage to the grass.
  • There are access tracks on the site so please keep to these tracks when moving around the site - again this keeps damage to the fields to a minimum.


  • Arrivals are from 1pm - 5pm. Late & early arrival is permitted by arraignment.
  • Departure ~ Tents dismantled and pitches vacated by 12.30PM. You are welcome to leave your packed up car in the car park for the day if you wish.